Multi Vita was established in 1998, its main facility is located in the industrial zone in 6th of October city. The company was founded by Mr. Anwar El-Abd who is spearheading one of the leading poultry production companies in Egypt. During our 22 years in the industry, we have proved to be one of the most innovative and trustworthy market leaders. Our attention to detail and precision has assisted us in maintaining resilient relationships with the leading dairy and poultry companies in Egypt. This is due to our quality directed goal.

Multi Vita surpass its competitors in two main fields, premixes and the distribution of specialty products to keep animal health and performance at their optimal level. To remain competitive, we only import raw materials from trusted internationally industry leaders of their own fields like Adisseo, Zinpro, and IFF. This is essential to Multi Vita to ensure that our premix and other products are produced using the highest quality components. This strategy resulted with Multi Vita currently having the highest market share of any company in the Egyptian animal feed additives industry.

To maintain our respect and position in the market we are strongly committed to ensuring that quality and customer satisfaction are our main two goals. In the future we are planning to drastically scale up production and include more Multi Vita brand-based products that could provide different innovative solutions to challenging problems. As a company we are committed to leading by example and remaining innovative to advance our strategies and continue as the leading animal feed premix company in Egypt.

Message from Our CEO

“In the early 1990’s, my ownership of the Pyramid Poultry Co. came with many challenges regarding the local supply of customized feed additive premix combinations. The gap in the market was regarding premixes for specific sectors in poultry and large animals. It was soon obvious that the need for a local supplier of high quality feed additives which were extremely customisable was demanded . Multi Vita started as a concept, and currently during our 23rd year successful production I can say it is an unmistakable figure in the industry. Through the trust of investors and international partners, in addition to the unrivalled commitment of our team. Multi Vita has cemented its place as an undisputed key player in the industry. Considered to have the highest quality premix product in the market, levelled by our dedication for customer satisfaction. Our clients continue to display trust and loyalty in our company and its products because quality and satisfaction will always be our target”


Yours sincerely,