Amino Acids

If protein levels are lower than what is needed by the bird, growth rates and production capabilities could be affected. The proper balance of amino acids are crucial to achieve optimal performance by the bird. Reduction in these amino acids could result in issues regarding egg size and egg production due to energy not being fully utilized for these activities. Birds will always try to consume the energy they need regardless of the energy concentrations in their feed, but this energy will also affect other normal functions like growth rates that cause birds to stop ovulating which could be a result of ketosis. Therefor, it is essential to make sure that the flock received adequate amounts of protein to become productive.

What amino acid feed additives provide is a method of having flexibility with feed ingredients for companies to gain more profit. Companies are unable to fully customise their feeds to reduce costs and maintain profits and performance. These amino acids balance out the reduction in certain amino acids due to cheaper feed alternatives. The main amino acids that are added to feed are L-Lysine, L-Methionine, L-Thionine, L-Tryptophan, L-Valine, L-Arginine. Which are supplied by leaders in the industry to provide birds with their amino acid requirements for companies to achieve optimal production results.

Our Products:

The first limiting amino acid and critical for phospholipid metabolism.

Positively affects broilers, providing the optimum recommended ratio between digestible Valine and lysine is 77%.

Acts as a replacement amino acid to help nutritionists provide a more economic diet for their livestock.

The second limiting amino acid, in poultry which ensures nutritional efficacy and animal performance.

Provides nutritionists with a tool that allows them to economically balance dietary protein.

Contains an essential amino acid arginine which is a component of all known proteins necessary for the functioning of the animal.