Mycotoxins are naturally occurring toxins produced by certain moulds that are found in a large variety of foods. In the case of livestock, grains like soya beans and corn can have large quantities of mycotoxins that occur in storage. These mycotoxins have negative impacts on birds affecting many of their normal body functions, which are very sensitive to any negative health effect. Mycotoxins negatively affect growth performance, immunity, hatchability, increases mortality, and decreases egg production.

Anti-mycotoxins are combinations of clay-based formulas that eliminate mycotoxin contaminations found in feed, to reduce feed loss and related issues. This is important to also reduce mortality rates and the amount of money that will be spent to treat diseased birds. Overall, anti-mycotoxins will help ensure that your flock is being as productive and economical as possible to achieve higher returns on investment.

Drastically reduces the negative effects mycotoxins have on animals, to promote better performance from the animal.

Strong mycotoxin binder which helps decrease the ani-nutrient effects caused by high grain diets.