Multimix Equine

Our equine Multimix has major improvements to several characteristics for the species. Our Multimix combinations target stallions, in addition to breeding and racing equine species. to ensure that they are receiving the essential vitamins and minerals that are required through different stages of their life cycle. Our equine Multimix improves immunity, hoof development, racing characteristics, and reproductive functions. Our goal is to align the animal’s performance with our customer’s goals.

Multi Vita has long-standing experience in the production of premixes for the animal feed additive industry. A high level of care and accuracy is maintained during each individual stage of production. The additives used in premixes are a combination of high-quality vitamins and minerals to ensure that equine species are at their highest level of performance. To guarantee this, the vitamins and minerals that make up our premix are supplied form industry leaders from their respective fields, our vitamins are sourced from Adisseo and our minerals are sourced from multiple trusted international partners.

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