Multi Vita’s main goal to solve the problems of our clients by using our Multimix or Macromix combinations. To do this our team meets with our client and discusses the formulation that has been requested, going through other alternatives and combinations that can further improve animal performance. Furthermore, Multi Vita has more than 3,000 formulations to adhere to our customer’s needs and ensure that their issues are being resolved by our products.


Our Multimix consists of a combination of high-quality vitamins and minerals that improve animal performance. Furthermore, our Macromix also includes a combination of vitamins and minerals, in addition to speciality products imported from our international partners. These speciality products go one step further in ensuring optimal animal performance. Which include enzymes, probiotics, amino acids and a collection of other products to help solve the issues facing our clients.

Technical Support

Technical support is an essential service that we offer at Multi Vita. Our team of technical specialists and animal nutritionists ensure that our products are solving the issues our clients are facing. To do this, Multi Vita is committed to scheduling numerous meetings with our customers to ensure that they’re meeting their production goals. Furthermore, our specialists also present new combinations and ideas to improve our client’s current situation, ensuring that they’re constantly innovating their nutrition plans.

Lab Services

Our ongoing partnership with Vita Lab has helped us test our combinations for quality control, in addition to referring our customers so that their samples are tested quickly and efficiently. The lab offers a range of services that could efficiently test samples extracted from raw materials and animal feed.