Recently more companies are starting to add external digestive enzymes to the feed of livestock to achieve better results. Positive health benefits are related to overcoming the adverse effects of anti-nutrient factors found in grains, in addition to higher nutrient absorption levels to achieve better feed conversion ratios. Feed is approximately 70% of the total cost of production stressing the importance to absorb as many nutrients as possible from the animal feed. Feed enzymes like phytase, protease, xylanase, beta-glucanase, and amylase drastically increase the digestibility of the feed given to birds, due to their inability to digest many types of grains they require these enzymes to remain as efficient as possible.

Our products:

Axtra® PHY

A fast-acting phytase feed enzyme, sourced from a Buttiauxella sp.bacterium. It’s proven to improve poultry performance reducing phosphorus waste and boosting profitability.



Axtra® Pro

Protease that helps to unlock the full benefits of dietary protein by boosting its digestibility and increasing the availability of amino acids.



Axtra® XB

Mitigates the negative effects of selected non-starch polysaccharides found in the fiber of mixed grain diets to support the release of valuable nutrients.



Axtra® PHY Gold

The most bioefficacious phytase enzyme currently available on the market. Its superior pH profile means it works faster than any other competitor phytase to break down phytate, which would otherwise interfere with digestion and performance.



Axtra® XAP

A high-performance enzyme combination that is formulated to deliver the best technical and economic performance of modern diets.



Danisco® Xylanase

Targets arabinoxylans in dietary fiber to mitigate their negative effects and generate additional energy.