Premixes are essential to achieve maximum productivity for poultry, livestock and aqua species. They are a mixture of vitamins and minerals that aim to help them remain healthy throughout their production life cycle. During this time animals face a lot of stress due to their intensive production schedule, which is why these vitamins and minerals are essential.



Poultry Premix

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Ruminant Premix

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Aqua Premix

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Equine Premix

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Why we’re unique



We offer two different types of premixes that Multi Vita is renowned for. Multimix is a mixture of high-quality vitamins and minerals that are added to feed to ensure optimal performance. Macrovita is our other flagship product, which includes a blend of vitamins and minerals in addition to speciality feed additives from our industry leading partners. The problems that our Macrovita aims to resolve concerns the maximization of performance from animals to increase profitability for the company. It is important to highlight that Multi Vita’s large range of speciality products gives it the ability to provide a wide range of solutions to animals and aqua species. Targeting things from poultry feed digestibility to increased milk yields in dairy farms, in addition to higher meat yields amongst aqua species.