The rapid production schedule of birds results in the underdevelopment of the proper microorganisms they need to protect their gut and immune systems. Making birds more prone to infectious diseases. These diseases could cause setbacks, if the bird’s health is working efficiently bodyweight gain, feed conversion rates, and lower mortality rates will be present.

Probiotics are live microbial feed additives that enhance the bird’s intestinal balance. This encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria that contributes to a healthier gut, and slows the growth of non-beneficial bacteria. This helps the guts microbiology become stable at about 3-4 weeks after being hatched. There are many positive benefits of a developed gut. Mainly these positive benefits are related to immune system development and a reduction of inflammation that can cause complications.

Overall, probiotics inhibits the growth of many different pathogens that could cause major heath issues for birds.

Our products:

Enviva pro

A three-strain Bacillus probiotic, Enviva® PRO operates in unique but complementary ways to promote a healthy gut, which helps build a strong flock.