Performance Minerals

Minerals help animals, birds and fish in many different ways to help regulate the balance of different minerals in the organism’s body in high intensity production schedules. It is important for an animal to have a balance of minerals to avoid economic loss and delays in business planning and expectations. In large animals mineral imbalances can cause issues regarding reproduction, hoof health, milk production, bone development and fertility. Disproportions in minerals can also affect chick quality, egg shell quality, breast meat yield, laying percentage and Immunol growth.

Our Products:

Zinc improves Immunity, reproduction, skin and hoof integrity, muscle development, milk production and eggshell quality.

Copper increases oxygen transport, immunity, milk production and muscle development.

The main function of chromium is to help in the metabolism of glucose and to assist in the blood glucose level entering the cell.


Avila 4 helps send 4 essential elements to be used by the animal, which are Zinc, Manganese, Copper and Cobalt.

Zinc methionine complex to improve immunity, reproductive functions, and eggshell quality, in addition to hoof integrity and milk production in large animals. 

Manganese is required by animals for functions like immunity, reproduction, digestion, metabolism and bone growth.

Iron Increases oxygen transport, immunity, milk production and muscle development.

Selenium helps to increase immunity and antioxidant activity.

Nutritional feed ingredient for poultry that encourages better eggshell quality and laying percentages.